Why List Your Dock?

Why List Your Dock?

It’s Free!

There’s absolutely no cost until you get a booking. That’s right, we only charge a small fee when you make money. This business model is the No Risk, Lots of Rewards setup, as we like to call it around the office.


You’re Building the Boating Community

Share your docks with like-minded people that love life on the water. Meet them if you wish, get personable, make connections, and make new friends.


Accept or Decline Bookings

You are not obligated to accept all booking requests that are made. If there’s a chance you will need the dock, storage, mooring ball, or marina slip for the dates requested, or if you prefer not to rent to a specific booking user, simply decline the request. Bookings are not confirmed until you accept.


Add Blackout Dates

Have friends coming to town to use the dock? Or using it yourself for a week? No problem, simply blackout the dates in advance to prevent receiving booking requests. Your listing calendar is simple to use and easy to keep up to date with personal memos for each blackout date.


Make Money

Saving the best for last, Dock Skipper makes your money! The majority of docks, slips, and mooring balls go unused day in and day out. Sharing your unused space allows you to make extra income on the side with minimal effort while expanding the boating community.