The New Way To List & Find Boat Docks

Dock Skipper is the modern, tech-friendly approach to listing, renting & selling private boat docks, marina slips and moorings. Our easy to use website allows dock owners to quickly add listings to the Dock Skipper website. Once listed, the frontend of the Dock Skipper website allows renters or buyers to quickly search and find listings that meet their exact criteria. Hop on board the Dock Skipper platform and let's make the boating community an easier place to find, rent and sell boat docks.

Listing Your Dock, Slip Or Mooring

Are you ready to make rental income from your dock, slip or moorage? Or are you looking to sell a piece of real estate that contains a dock? If so, you've tied up at the right place!

Dock Skipper is the #1 online website dedicated to the listing, renting, and selling of boat docks. Quickly list your property on our website with very affordable rates. During the listing process, you'll choose whether you are looking to rent or sell your listing. From there, you will have the option to rent short term while you search for the right long term tenant or buyer.

With Dock Skipper, you're always in control of your listing. Set your own rental / sale prices, add your own descriptions, add photos, pause your listing, delete your listing, whatever! It's all handled from your easy to use control panel.

Long Term Rentals & For Sale

Are you searching for a long term dock rental or property for sale? You've sailed (or motored) in the right direction! Dock Skipper has the largest online collection of private boat docks, slips and moorage for long term leasing or sale.

When a dock is listed on our platform, the dock owner has the ability to select whether the dock is meant for rental or sale. Our intuitive search functionality on the site allows you to quickly filter between rentals & for sale properties before making contact with the owner.

Long term rental negotiations are handled directly with the dock owner. Start searching on Dock Skipper today and find the perfect listing based on location, boat size, property type and other characteristics.

Short Term Rentals

Dock Skipper is the only website on the internet that facilitates short term rentals of private boat docks, slips and moorings. Cruising down the ICW and need a place to dock up the night away from the lights of a marina? Dock Skipper is your destination to find docks for single night or other short term stays under 7 days.

Using the Dock Skipper platform, you can request dates for booking and pay for your short term rental through the website. Once paid and the reservation confirmed, you just show up at the dock on your arrival date.

Finding short term rentals on Dock Skipper is easy to do. Use the search functionality and filter based on the listing type for short term rentals. Many of our short term rentals will also be looking for long term tenants but are happy to cater to cruising boaters while available.