Short Term Vs. Long Term Listing Fees

Short Term Listings

Short term listings are marketed for stays of less than 30 days. When a short term listing is booked, Dock Skipper handles all of the payment information up front. Once the guest arrives at the listing, we disperse the payment to the listing host minus a small percentage for facilitating the booking. Listings setup to be booked on a short term basis, have no listing fees with Dock Skipper. It is 100% free and always will be.

Long Term Listings (or both)

Long term stays are considered 30 days or longer. Since a lot more contracts, monthly billing, and specifications may go into a long term booking, we do not directly handle the reservation through Dock Skipper. Instead, we market your listing through our network of advertising campaigns and the Dock Skipper website to boaters in need of a long term solution. Once a renter is found, we facilitate direct contact between the two parties. The listing host can then handle necessary contracts, billing, etc. on their end to finalize the reservation. Dock Skipper charges a $29/year listing insertion fee to market your property but we do not charge any reservation fees.

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Hosts Submit Their Property

Listing hosts submit their property on the Dock Skipper website. This process takes only a few minutes to complete and creates a professional overview of the listing. It is completely FREE to list your property and offer it as a short term rental for stays of 30 days or less. If you would like to market it as a long term rental (or both) there is a $29/year insertion fee. Why is this?

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Let The Discovery Begin

People from all over the world search and discover listings on Dock Skipper. Once a perfect listing is found, the renter can request to book their stay. If it is a short term stay (under 30 days), Dock Skipper generates a booking request to be approved by the listing host. If it is a long term stay, we simply connect you with the listing host where you can discuss your needs in more detail.

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Host Responds

For short term stays, the host will respond to your booking request within 24 hours providing an invoice for the requested stay. They can also include any up-charges for electrical, water, laundry services, bicycle rentals, etc. if any of this is available at the location being booked. For long term stays, the host will respond with further information on the listing, how they handle contracts and typically payment information.

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Payment Is Made

Once a listing hosts approves your reservation, you will receive an email and have 24 hours to complete the invoice payment. Short term stay payments are handled directly through Dock Skipper. Once payment is made, your booking is complete and you are all set to arrive at the listing!

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Renters Arrival

On the specified arrival date, the renters will arrive at the listing. Providing it is a short term stay that Dock Skipper has already collected payment for, we will disperse the funds to the listing host 72 hours after the arrival date.

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All Set!

The renters have a great stay at the listing. They depart on the required departure date, new memories are made, and you're ready to book your next stay on Dock Skipper. You can also review the previous listing you stayed at to let others know about your great experience. Listing hosts can also review the renter, letting other hosts know they can be trusted.