Trust & Safety For Guests

Trust & Safety For Guests

Ensuring safety for both the host and guest is the absolute #1 priority of Dock Skipper. We want you to feel 100% confident in booking a listing through our platform and have several features in place to help build trust between all three parties involved.



Collecting and displaying real reviews written by guests and hosts just like you is the best way to start initiating trust. It allows for the best listings and for hosts to really shine and, as a result, get more bookings. Before submitting a booking request, read through the reviews if available. If no reviews have been published, don’t immediately assume they are a bad host as our Dock Skipper community is still young. Instead, review the listing details and send the host a message with any questions.



Be verbal, ask questions! We’ve built a robust messaging system into Dock Skipper; use it! Don’t assume a listing has, or doesn’t have, an amenity if it doesn’t explicitly say so. Instead, contact the host and ask; most hosts are very responsive to questions.


Payment & Dispersal

All payments are securely taken and dispersed through Dock Skipper. At no time will the host ever receive your payment and billing information. Payment dispersal to the host does not occur until 72 hours after the arrival date. Therefore they are required to have an up-to-date, honest listing in order to get paid. Any problems regarding the listing should be reported to Dock Skipper as soon as possible upon arrival.


General Safety

The best practice for general safety is common sense. While Dock Skipper works very hard to ensure all of our hosts are top notch, approach new locations with initial caution. If the location sounds difficult to navigate, ask for arrival instructions, consult necessary maps and charts just like you were coming into any other new port. Inspect docks and mooring balls yourself prior to vacating your boat and report any issues or concerns to the host. If there’s a major issue with the listing that cannot be resolved, also report it to Dock Skipper.