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70' Max Boat Size

Electricity Available

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Las Olas (Across From Riverside Hotel) Rio Vista Side Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301, United States | Coordinates: 26.117338, -80.1366869 | Favorite This Listing

Las Olas (Across From Riverside Hotel) Rio Vista Side Fort Lauderdale

Latitude: 26.117338

Quick Overview

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Listing Type:
Max Boat Size:
70 ft.
Max Beam:
1 ft.
Max Draw:
6 ft.
Max Clearance:
20 ft.
Listing Type:
For Rent (Short & Long Term)

Listing Description

CALL ARTHUR 305-733-6066 or DEE TO DISCUSS 561-596-1234

No Fixed bridges / Minutes to Atlantic Ocean / Safest neighborhood in exclusive Rio Vista / Las Olas.


High Season (15% premium) from October 1st – June 1st Off Season Summer June 1st – Sept 30 are the published fare
Daily $ 1.74 $
Monthly $ 1.48
3 Month $ 1.30
6 Month $ 1.13
Annual .96

CALL Arthur 305-733-6066 or Dyan TO DISCUSS 561-596-1234

270′ on the South Bank River / Brand new pedestals / Water / No Onboard living / Across from Icon Las Olas/ Riverside Hotel / Free Water Taxis up and down river /

The Surrounding Area

Las Olas boardwalk / Restaurants bars / property has water taxis up and down the river.

Other Notes & Info

I. The Rules of the road and the Navigation Laws in and of the United States apply to all
vessels in or approaching South Bank Apartments LLC
2 Noise must be kept to a minimum at all times. Owners, their guests and other authorized
persons must use discretion in the operation of generators, engines and other power
equipment so as not to create unreasonable noise. South Bank Apartments LLC shall
determine in its sole discretion whether the noise is unreasonable.
3. The extent of vessel repairs and maintenance at the Marina is at the discretion of the
South Bank Apartments Generally, major repairs are not permitted. No painting or
fiberglass work is permitted on docks or piers. Fine will be @ $250 per day per incident.
4. Walkways are to be kept clear at all times. Storage ofloose gear is not permitted on
walkways. Hoses, electrical cords and telephone cords should not cross piers. Grills, of
any type, are in no way permitted on docks or piers.
5. Pets are not permitted in the Marina unless on leash or in a cage and Owners are
responsible for cleaning up after their pets.
6. Refuse and garbage must not be disposed of overboard. Oil, spirits, inflammable and oil
bilges must not be discharged into the Marina waters. Should this occur, a fine may be
imposed by governmental authority. Moreover, in this circumstance, the County has the
right to cause the vessel to be removed from the Marina at the Owner's expense and
risk and the Owner shall pay all charges involved to effectuate cleanup.
7. Laundering and drying of laundry on piers, walkways, decks or rigging is not permitted.
& Fish and fileting are not to be cleaned at the Marina.
9. The South Bank Apartment parking lot is for building guest all vehicles not having
permission or displaying parking tags will be towed at cost of owner.
10. Any work performed on vessels by outside workers must be between the hours of 8:30
a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Sunday no work is permitted. No
11. It shall be the responsibility of vessel owners to keep their vessels in such condition that
they do not become unsightly or dilapidated or reflect unfavorably upon the appearance
standards that are maintained at discretion of the South Bank Marina Decks of all
vessels moored at the Marina docks shall be kept free and clear of debris, bottles,
laundry, papers trash or unsightly materials at all times.
12 Except as authorized in writing by the County, advertising signs are prohibited and
solicitation of business or sale of merchandise at the Marina is not permitted.
13. No dinghies, inflatable boats, tenders or other water craft or vessels may be moored
within the Owner's slip in the Marina, except for Owner's vessel described in Dockage
14. Violation of these procedures, disorder, indecorous conduct as well as failure to
comply with the Dockage Agreement, whether by tenant, his/her guest(s) or other
person(s) authorized by him/her to be at the Marina, is cause for cancellation of the
Dockage Agreement along with forfeiture of lease with balance being owed on remaining
15. Insurance liability certificate photocopies with additional insured "South Bank
Apartments LLC" in the minimum amount of $2,000,0000 and Recreation Department
upon each renewal while this Agreement is in force.
16. Vessel registration photocopies to be submitted to South Bank Apartments LLC upon
each renewal while this Agreement is in force.

Features & Amenities

  • 24 Hour Access
  • Ocean Access
  • Electricity
  • Fresh Water
  • Internet
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Nearby Grocery
  • Nearby Fuel
  • Nearby Repair Services
  • Nearby Restaurants
  • No Fixed Bridges
  • Pool Available
  • Showers

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