Rent My Dock – How To Rent Out Your Dock For Income

Rent My Dock – How To Rent Out Your Dock For Income

Did you know that 90% of boat docks go unused every day in the United States. Most homeowners are paying a yearly tax for something they don’t regularly use.  What if there was a way to rent your private boat dock and make great income without all the hassle.  Now there is, welcome to Dock Skipper, the peer-to-peer platform for listing and renting boat docks.

How does it work?  Rent out your boat dock in four easy steps:

1. Create Your Free Dock Skipper Account & Listing

The first step is to create your free account on Dock Skipper.  Creating a free account allows you to join our community and add listings to the platform.  Adding your listing(s) is simple to do and takes minutes to complete.  Set your listing title, add your address and upload a photo or two, you’re all set!  Your listing is now pending approval and is typically live within 1-2 hours.

2. Let The Booking Requests Roll In

Once your listing is live on Dock Skipper, sit back and let the booking requests roll in.  Your dock will be marketed across our social media channels and marketing campaigns to generate leads to your listing.  Once you receive a request to book your private dock, an email will be sent asking you to accept or decline the request within 24 hours.  If you accept, an invoice will be sent to the guest and payment will be collected upfront to lock in the reservation.

3. Guest Arrival

On the reservation arrival date, the guest will arrive at the listing.  Depending on your listing location and listing type, you may need to be present to direct the guests to the proper location.  If your listing is easy to find or doesn’t require special instruction than you can provide instructions to the guests prior to arrival and you may not need to be present.  We are all about promoting community here at Dock Skipper so if there’s anything special you can contribute to the stay to make the guests feel more at home we highly recommend it!

4. Get Paid & Do It Again!

Within 48 hours of the guest arrival date Dock Skipper will automatically transfer the funds to your bank account or PayPal account.  It’s never been easier to rent your boat dock or private boat slip.  

Watch a quick video on how Dock Skipper works on our How It Works page.  Also, get signed for a free webinar to learn all about renting your boat dock or booking a reservation by going here:

Do you have additional questions?  Need help adding your listing?  Send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at 904-758-8487.  We look forward to getting you onboard!