Dock Skipper Adds Long Term Rentals

Dock Skipper Adds Long Term Rentals

After an exciting ten months here at Dock Skipper, we’re continuing to evolve. The most requested feature from our hosts thus far has been the ability to offer a listing strictly as long term, short term, or both. We’re excited to be releasing this feature today to the entire Dock Skipper community. Starting today, a host can choose to offer their listing as one of three types:

  • Short Term Only (stays under 30 days)
  • Long Term Only (stays 30 days or longer)
  • Short Term & Long Term Stays

How this affects hosts:

If a host decides to offer their listing as a shot term rental, not much has changed. The listing is still 100% free to add to the Dock Skipper platform and Dock Skipper simply collects a small percent of the rental in exchange for the marketing, payment collection, and booking of the reservation.

If a host elects to offer their property as a long term only rental, or a long term and short term rental, they are charged a yearly fee of $29. If a visitor requests to book a stay of 30 days or more, we put them in direct contact with the host to facilitate the booking of the property. Once the visitor is in contact with the host, you can discuss payment terms, contracts, etc. and complete the reservation directly with the visitor. No additional fees are taken by Dock Skipper to market or facilitate the long term reservation.

How this affects renters:

We have added the ability for visitors looking to rent a property to narrow their searches by short or long term rentals. Once you find a property that matches your requirement, the rates will be displayed on the listing page. If the property accepts both short and long term rentals, there will be a toggle above the pricing to switch between the two options. If your stay is under 30 days, it will be a short term rental and payment will be collected upfront by the Dock Skipper platform. If the stay is 30 days or longer, we will put the renter in direct contact with the host to facilitate the details and finalize the booking.

Spring is around the corner and we’re excited for another fun year here at Dock Skipper. As we continue to expand, add new features and add new members, please let us know how we’re doing! We love to hear from our users and take every comment to the whiteboard for consideration.