ActiveCaptain, You Need This!

ActiveCaptain, You Need This!

If you didn’t know, now you know, ActiveCaptain is pretty cool!

I was completely unaware of the service and its international presence until a recent excursion down to the Bahamas for a week.  The “social networking” aspect that overwhelms our lives is inevitably going to make its way to the boating world and for good reason.  Boaters need up-to-the-date information and that’s why you see books & charts in their 100th edition, but it’s hard.  It’s hard keeping up with the changes in our oceans and landscapes, that’s where ActiveCaptain comes in.

ActiveCaptain is a service created by Jeff & Karen who are two amazing entrepreneurs that love cruising.  They took their experience and created a great social network where people can leave comments & feedback on places they have been, what they’ve seen, and share experiences with fellow boaters.  But it goes even further…

ActiveCaptain has gained so much traction, that big name companies such as Garmin have integrated the comments into their apps for easy reading while plotting your course.

While on this recent trip, I found myself constantly checking the comments & reviews at every anchorage we stopped at, and the majority had very useful information, not only about where to anchor & the conditions but also surrounding area hikes & things to do.

We were using the ActiveCaptain service through the Garmin BlueChart Mobile App for iPad which worked really well. All of the reviews & information pre-loaded everytime we were able to access a good internet connection. Once loaded, we could take the ipad offline and all the data would still be available.

For more information on ActiveCaptain, as well as ways to use the service through various apps, checkout the ActiveCaptain website here.

Bottom line, if you are planning an upcoming trip, let fellow boaters share their experiences with you through ActiveCaptain.