Word Just In – AirBNB Approaching 1 Million Guests EVERY NIGHT!

Word Just In – AirBNB Approaching 1 Million Guests EVERY NIGHT!

Did you hear the news!?  In a recent report published by CNBC, AirBNB CEO Brian Chesky noted nearly one-million people will be staying at an Airbnb on any given night this summer! What?  That’s got to be wrong! Nope, you heard it right, he continued, “more people are staying in Airbnbs than are staying in the city of Miami.”

We love peer-to-peer marketplaces and are grateful for all the hard work and ground breaking marketing AirBNB has done.  It has had a tremendous impact on all of us here at Dock Skipper and has continued to help pave the way for peer-to-peer sharing & establishing trust in the platforms.

While still growing, Dock Skipper hopes to continue down the path of AirBNB as the only, true peer-to-peer platform for the boating & dock sharing communities.  Dock Skipper helps connect home owners & property owners with empty dock space, slips, or moorage with boaters looking for dockage.  The end result is a platform which benefits both parties & makes the worldwide travel by boat more possible & affordable.

While prepping for their major international expansion in the coming months, Dock Skipper looks to the likes of AirBNB for their tremendous success in places like Cuba.  Cuba was just launched as an AirBNB location in April when it became a travel destination for U.S. citizens.  Since its launching, AirBNB has received over two thousand listings and is continually growing.

It’s exciting to see this success and we can’t wait to be apart of the continuing expansion of peer-to-peer marketplaces.  Have a dock, slip, or mooring going unused?  Ready to make the money you deserve off your unused assets?  List today for free on Dock Skipper.