Welcome To Dock Skipper

Welcome To Dock Skipper

Whew, can’t believe release day is finally here.  We have been working on the Dock Skipper platform since January of this year, planning, building, then ripping it apart only to plan and build again.  Doing everything possible to make this website awesome because let’s face it, you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

Finally, after all the effort we’re ready to go live and we can’t be more ecstatic.  We hope you love the website, how easy it is to follow and use and we hope you make awesome connections as a result of the site.  Furthermore, we hope this platform encourages more users to boat and explore the world making docks, moorings, and dry storage more readily available and easier to find around the world.

Please share this site with friends, family, acquaintances, and that person you randomly run into next time you’re at the supermarket.  The more people we get registered and using Dock Skipper, the more awesome the platform becomes.

Please bear with us as we get more listings on the platform and hopefully listings in YOUR area.  If you see and share the same vision we do, you realize that this is something the boating community needs; and it can be a huge asset in helping you take on that three month long trip up the coast, that transatlantic crossing, or that trip down to the Keys for mini-season.

Thanks for being part of the beginning of what is hopefully big things to come!