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25' Max Boat Size

Electricity Available

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25′ Boat Slip in Newport

Newport Beach, California 92663, United States | Coordinates: 33.618544, -117.9335768 | Favorite This Listing

25′ Boat Slip in Newport

Latitude: 33.6185439849035

Quick Overview

Newport Beach, California
Listing Type:
Private Residence
Max Boat Size:
25 ft.
Max Beam:
8 ft.
Max Draw:
Not Applicable
Max Clearance:
Listing Type:
For Rent (Short & Long Term)

Listing Description

25′ Boat Slip in Newport (avail 3/1)

Beautiful side-tie on Newport Island; digital gate entry through back yard, beautiful dock, quick access from PCH handy during summer time. Max size boat 25′ x 8′.

Looking for a considerate tenant with good credit.

Please TEXT 714-345-8330 if interested and include information about yourself and your boat. Thank you.

Features & Amenities

  • Electricity
  • Fresh Water
  • Nearby Grocery
  • Nearby Fuel
  • Nearby Repair Services
  • Nearby Restaurants

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