Hosting Responsibly

Hosting Responsibly

You, our hosts, are what make Dock Skipper great! You’re not just another dock, you’re a person with whom a boat owner can connect. Therefore, it’s important that you host responsibly to better the boating community, the Dock Skipper community, and most importantly, get yourself more bookings!


Here’s a few tips that we expect and encourage all our hosts to follow:


Be Personable

The best hosts on Dock Skipper treat their guests as friends. While you are not obligated to meet or interact with your guests, it is encouraged. If you will not be around on arrival, try to have a sign or letter letting the guests know that they are in the right spot and outlining any further instruction. Being personable always leads to a better experience, which leads to better reviews, more bookings, and greater income.


Be Accommodating

Some guests will have special requests or needs; do your best to accommodate, if possible. Great amenities you can add to your listing may include on-site showers, wifi, fresh water, bicycles for use or rent, and anything else you feel fellow boaters may enjoy. Including more amenities typically leads to a higher listing rate and improves the overall experience for both parties.


Be Mindful of Cancellations

While you have the ability to cancel a completed booking, we highly recommend that hosts avoid this, if possible. It can be extremely detrimental to the visitors’ plans and can also have a negative impact on your listing profile. Prior to accepting a booking, ensure your listing will be available on those dates. If you think there is a chance you may have to cancel a booking, let the visitors know as far in advance as possible so they can make alternative plans.


Ensure Safety

Prior to guest arrival, do a safety inspection of your listing. Put yourself in the visitors’ shoes and ask yourself, “If I was arriving to this listing, would it be up to my standards?” Ensure all repairs and maintenance is done prior to arrival. If you will not be available at guest arrival, make sure specific instructions are provided either through email or written for the guests to see when arriving.



Above all else, Dock Skipper is meant to be a community of like-minded people and we want our hosts to enjoy having their guests. The most learning we do in our lives is through our experiences with other people. Visitors will more than likely welcome the interaction and many love to chat. Interact, learn, share, and enjoy, it’s all part of the experience!